Postal Workers to Protest Privatization at More
Than 50 Staples Stores in 27 States on April 24
Message to Staples: The U.S. Mail Is Not for Sale
Stop Staples!(04/23/14) Thousands of members of the American Postal Workers Union APWU and community activists will engage in National Day of Action on Thursday, April 24, to protest the Postal Service’s sweetheart deal with Staples that is moving mail service into Staples stores. Events will be held at more than 50 Staples retail locations across 27 states. [full story]

APWU Nurses
Approve Contract
(04/23/14) In a unanimous vote of 33-0, members of the National Postal Professional Nurses-APWU approved a Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement with the USPS on April 23. “The tentative contract resolves all the articles that were in dispute,” said Support Services Craft Director Steve Brooks, when the agreement was announced. [full story]

Questions & Answers on Filling Residual Vacancies
(04/22/14) The APWU and USPS have agreed to two sets of Questions & Answers regarding the March 20 agreement on Filling Residual Vacancies, one for the Clerk Craft and another for Maintenance Craft. [full story]

Monday, April 28 is
Workers Memorial Day
Plan Your Observance Now
(04/22/14) Every year on April 28, the APWU and other unions observe Workers Memorial Day to remember those who have suffered and died on the job — and to renew our commitment to safer workplaces. Four decades ago, in response to pressure from the labor movement, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act, promising every worker the right to a safe job. Since then, unions and our allies have fought hard to make that promise a reality. [full story]

USPS Scheme Overturned
‘Rescoring’ of Promotion Exams Violated Contract, Arbitrator Rules
(04/21/14) An outrageous management ploy was overturned on April 16, when an arbitrator ruled that the USPS violated the contract when it retroactively changed the passing score on promotion eligibility exams in the summer of 2009, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer has announced. [full story]

Dimondstein Sets Record Straight on the Ed Show
(04/17/14) APWU President Mark Dimondstein told viewers of the Ed Show on MSNBC last night that the Postal Service’s internal “smoking gun” document shows that the deal with Staples was hatched to lower wages.  And postal customers who patronize Staples will be served by employees who are not fully trained and not accountable to the people, he pointed out. [full story]

Postal Unions Write to
House Committee Leaders
(04/16/14) The presidents of the four postal unions have written to leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee expressing opposition to White House 2015 budget proposals regarding the Postal Service. In the letter, the presidents noted that Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) indicated at an April 8 hearing that the committee would seek to consider a new postal bill based on the administration’s proposals. [full story]

Locations for April 24
Protests to ‘Stop Staples’ 
(04/08/14) APWU local leaders are hard at work organizing protests for the APWU’s National Day of Action on April 24 at Staples Stores around the country. Union members and supporters will oppose a sweetheart deal between the office-supply retail chain and the Postal Service.
[full story]

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The Great Postal Giveaway:
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NEtwork Consolidation

[Updated 04/23/14]
News about the union’s campaign to stop the privatization of postal retail operations at Staples stores.

Fixing USPS Finances

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News about important legislation to provide financial stability to the Postal Service.

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P&DC Consolidation
NEtwork Consolidation

[Updated 02/26/14]
News about USPS plans to consolidate P&DC operations.
(List of targeted facilities updated 04/23/14)

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Postal Headlines
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 More Headlines About the   April 24 Stop Staples   Protests
Charlotte Observer:
 Postal workers plan protest   uptown
Philadelphia Inquirer:
 Postal Workers Decry Mail   Service in Staples Stores
 Postal Workers to Protest at   Staples: Staples shoppers could   Face picket line on Thursday
Lehigh Valley live.com
 Postal Workers Union Plans   Protest Thursday Outside   Staples Store in Bethlehem, PA
Wall Street Journal:
 Union Blasts Staples-Run
  Postal Outlets
 Federal Report Calls to Stop   Sales of Berkeley Post Office
Stop Staples: Radio Interview   With APWU's Omar Gonzalez
 APWU President Dimondstein
  On the Craig Melvin show

Save the Post Office:
 Giving away the store:
  USPS discounts the mail

Washington Post:
 USPS Overhaul Remains
  Tenuous as Rep. Darrell Issa
  Considers Plans for New Bill

Washington Post:
 Senate Postal Bill Would
  Cut Workers Comp for Feds   Across the Government

Huffington Post:
 Postal Union Fights Staples   Partnership: ‘A Big Step
  Toward Privatization’
Save the Post Office:
 ACHP to Report on Disposal of   Historic Post Offices This Week,   The Sales Go On
Business Week:
 Why Postal Workers
  Don’t Trust Paul Ryan

 Chicago Postal Workers
  Protest Staples Pilot Program
The Rick Smith Radio Show:
 APWU's Rich Shelley talks about   the Stop Staples Campaign
The Sun-Times:
 Postal Workers Planning   Elmwood Park Protest
  Against USPS Outsourcing

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